Rescue Dogs From the South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Available for Adoption in the United States and Canada

Every year, over 2 million dogs are slaughtered in South Korea’s dog meat trade. Jindo Love Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit started by passionate animal advocates who are dedicated to ending the dog meat trade in South Korea.

Our entirely volunteer-run rescue saves as many dogs as we can from dog meat farms, puppy mills, and abandonment – all of whom can end up as victims of the terrible meat trade.

Despite the challenges of this work, in just 6 years we have stopped dog meat transport trucks, shut down puppy mills, and ended entire dog meat breeding operations.  We are singular in what we do as we rescue all breeds and all sizes. Our highly successful program has adopted more than 1,000 dogs this short time.

Our team of volunteers rescues dogs who are the victims of some of the worst human cruelty: abandonment, abuse, and all too often, the horror of slaughter. Many of the dogs we find are Korean Jindos or Korean Village Dogs, but we have many other breeds as well as all dogs can become victims of the dog meat trade. After rescue, we care for and rehabilitate the dogs at our foster home in South Korea until they are healthy enough to be sent for adoption to loving homes in the United States.

Help save these dogs from the Korean Dog Meat Trade and puppy mills. Check out our adoption pages for the listings of our amazing adoptable dogs!