About Us

At Jindo Love Rescue, we are passionate animal advocates saving the lives of dogs in South Korea. With the help of our team and volunteers, we rescue as many dogs as we can from terrible conditions in South Korea’s dog meat trade, puppy mills, as well as abandoned dogs. We look for perfect, loving homes to send these dogs to in the United States of America.

​Jindo Love Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Click here for more info.

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Meet the Jindo Love Team

Our team is a group of volunteers dedicated to saving the lives of the dogs of Korea from the slaughterhouses and kill shelters. We have no overhead nor do we get paid. Literally, every donation and fee is utilized to save lives.

For Adoption Inquiries, please contact Jindo Love Rescue via Facebook Messenger.

Su Jeong Kim: Founder

I’ve been involved in rescuing dogs in Korea from the dog meat trade for many years. Until 2015, rescuing was my personal passion project but I was limited in what I could do. Then, Patti Kim contacted me offering to help with the adoption of two of my rescues. That was the start of Jindo Love Rescue. Now, we rescue and adopt out hundreds of dogs each year. As our team has grown with the support of incredible adopters and followers, we have a chance to change the narrative of how dogs in South Korea are viewed. Our mission is to save as many lives as we can and prove that a dog meat dog can be a loving pet with a family.

Patti Kim: President/Co-Founder

Having rescued many dogs throughout my life, I entered the world of Facebook in late 2014. I accidentally encountered the dog meat trade where I rescued my first slaughterhouse dog in January 2015. After fostering and adopting her out, my heart gravitated towards the helpless victims of torture and living in unimaginable horrible conditions. My life changed when I met Su in June 2015 on Facebook which set our path for Jindo Love. Our mission is to save one life at a time while building our adoptive family with love and support for one another even after adoption.


Jackie joined the team a few years ago after she and her spouse adopted their first JLR dog named Meeko. She now has 3 JLR dogs ( Meeko, Theo, and Sprout ) and many more that make up her family pack. Jackie has been volunteering and dedicating her time to help find homes for all the babies searching for their furever families. If she could adopt them all, she would but because she can’t, she is always determined to find the best homes for them. Jackie’s passion for animals runs deep and is enormous. Her life, love, and career revolve around dogs and we truly believe her heart is made of dog fur too! She is the happiest when surrounded by her four-legged best friends and wonderful wife as they raise their furry family, care for others’ furry families, and help us and our mission to end the dog meat trade in South Korea.

JEANNE M. MANN, CPA: treasurer

After losing her beloved Jindo, Sedona, she began searching rescue sites for Jindo’s. She found JRL and fell in love with 6 mo. old siblings Kai & Kaya and adopted them both. Jeanne was so impressed with the ladies and all the hard work they do behind the scenes and offered her extensive non-profit expertise to prepare the federal and state required tax filings pro bono. A year and a half after adopting her siblings, she became a foster failure and now has her 3rd JLR rescue, Oreo as part of her family. Jeanne was then asked to step in as Treasurer and she didn’t hesitate. Jeanne lives with her JLR pack in Southern California. She is the owner of Mann & Associates, APC, a public accounting firm specializing in non-profit organizations.

claire clarke: SECRETARY + special projects coordinator

Claire Clarke lives in sunny Las Vegas with her husband and rescues. Her husband lived in South Korea for several years, where the couple learned about the horrors of the dog meat trade. After settling back in the United States, they started following different groups and organizations that worked to find homes for these incredible animals. They chose to adopt through Jindo Love after seeing the passion and tireless commitment the team has for saving dogs. Claire works on behind-the-scenes projects for the organization.

mandy culbertson: director of OPERATIONS + adoptions

Mandy joined the Jindo Love Team in 2021, shortly after adopting Ruby (Rogue of the Marvel litter). She has a wide breadth of animal welfare and nonprofit experience, and is dedicated to our mission of ending the dog meat trade in South Korea. Mandy formerly worked for an animal shelter and has been a foster home with local rescues for more than a decade, successfully raising and socializing dogs and cats alike. Mandy recently welcomed a second JLR baby into her home with Logan (formerly Sesame). When she’s not working to find the best adoption matches for our dogs, Mandy can be found exploring the outdoors with her spouse, their six dogs, and three adventure cats.

Lauren Alcayaga: Adoption + social media coordinator

Jackie and Lauren are married and live in CT with their 6 pups, 3 of whom are from Jindo Love Rescue! Lauren has owned an array of rescue animals growing up with her family, and always had a passion for helping animals and people. Upon attending a local adoption event years ago, they learned about JLR and the horror of the dog meat trade. They went looked up JLR at home, and fell completely in love with the pups, the rescue, and the mission. They adopted Meeko and were amazed by the support and dedication of the JLR team and also the Jindo Love Family Facebook group community where they could connect with other adopters and post photos, share updates, ask for advice, and get support if needed. Lauren started on the JLR team by sharing posts of adoptable dogs, raising awareness, and helped make their JLR Facebook page. Her role has grown from there! She and Jackie’s love, compassion, and empathy for animals runs deep and they thoroughly enjoy the work they do with JLR, although it doesn’t feel like work to them at all!

min jeong song:
foster mom

Our foster mom is an amazing woman working 24/7 shifts for our dogs. With nearly 100 dogs at our foster house, she is relentlessly and tirelessly working to keep them happy, clean, well, and happy. She single-handedly handles taking them to the vet, taking care of puppies, preparing them for flights, and spreading her love, all while giving special care to the dogs needing extra attention. Laundry machines are running all day, feeding our dogs are on continuous shifts, while giving kisses/hugs throughout the day. Vet trips are planned in groups, loading up her car with multiple dogs. Our dogs are free roaming (with the exception of new rescues, moms with babies in a separate area, or temporary quarantine for medical reasons). Our foster mom’s goal is to nurture them with love and socialization with proper assessment while waiting for their forever home.


Tim Hsu – YouTube Curator (Adopted Haru, #99 Puppy Mill Rescue Maltese)
DaiWai Chin Feman – Legal Support (Adopted Romy & Michele/Bailey)
Dahlia Gotzmann – East Coast Support; adopted 3 dogs; fostering
Darcy Santora: Team assistance; adopter
Jeannine Aucoin Stover: Marketing assistance; adopter
Subin Lee: Graphic design assistance; adopter
Jun Park: Video production assistance


In Defense of Animals (IDA), Marilyn Kroplick, President: Our paths crossed when IDA compassionately stepped up to helped us with 7 emergency rescued dogs in 2016. In 2018, we’ve joined efforts to save more lives together. They helped us obtain our new foster home, assisted with our slaughter truck rescue in July 2019 of 28 dogs, and generously supports us with the care of over 100 dogs at our foster home. We are extremely grateful for this amazing rescue who fights to end the dog meat trade relentlessly. Fleur Dawes (IDA) is incredible to work with and we are blessed that our relationship continues with harmony. She also adopted one of our dogs, Judy. Thank you from all of us at JLR for being such an amazing rescue sharing our mission to save as many lives as possible.

Sharon Stone: Hope Animal Sanctuary (IDA) adoption of 6 rescues/2 traumatized dogs still at rescue. Thank you Sharon for your continuous care of Happy and Rudy!


Dirk Schubert: Generous donations, 5 adoptions
Elizabeth Germain: Generous continuous donations; 4 adoptions
Kim Riley: Adoption of mom/daughter, Brother/Sister sibs, 2 other dogs = 6 dogs
Gary and Val Bungart: Generous donations; adopted 3 dogs
Christie Barns: Generous donation; adopted 2 dogs; helped with our Hawaii dogs
Sunguk Chung: Adopted 2 dogs from our slaughter truck rescue (July 2019) Milky/Yeomso
Lisa Brown: Adopting 3 of our emergency/traumatized dogs
Brandi Piacente: Generous donations and 2 adoptions: Mom/Daughter (flying to Korea to pick up the mom dog)
Joanne Mary – Retired New York support
Cindy Legler – 3 adoptions (1 with trauma, Chansey) & Donations
Chelsea Polson: Retired JLR team member; 2 adoptions
Jeong Leon-Kim: Retired JLR team member (Treasurer); 2 adoptions
Heather Pastore: Retired JLR team member (Vice President)
Brittany Storm Jobe: Retired JLR team member (adopted Hige & Cheza)
Jaimie Barnaba Prespero (Wagging Tails Rescue, NY): Adoption/fostering
Maltese Rescue: Taking 16 puppy mill dogs rescued in March 2018;
Winnie Poo Ma: Connecting us to Maltese Rescue and helping with communication/coordination
Nicole Piligian & Tammy Roe: Saving Hana from Canada shelter;
Michelle Kim: Fostering Hana